JOE & THE JUICE APP - HOW TO USE? Quick overview

hey there so here is join the juice juice mobile app it's an interesting app they designed it a lot and just added a lot of features and yeah maybe you sometimes you can get some deals and promotions if you like join the juice it's like the network of restaurants use the juices obviously with coffees and with some sandwiches some people like it some people don't but it's it's quite conveniently located in a lot of like Central locations and then there are like here there are some Loyalty cards which you can get um you can purchase them and then for example with this you can get some 10 signature juices and then some salads with 23 discount um then uh here yeah you can also have that then there are some gifts which which you can have here uh so yeah uh you can the more you order basically you can get a points and then more points and maybe you can get like a free sandwich or like a free coffee and all of that so there is some um yeah some element where you can use the app and why it's easy to use you can always just like change country change Market where the store is located the app is pretty convenient then if you want to do an order you can just select editions and just order that um so you can do that then you can reorder and then basically also you can scan the QR code and pay in the store and this way you can also earn some points so for example you can order a store select a QR code icon and then scan the QR code and confirm your order and this way you will earn some again some points as I understand so yeah and then there is I don't know there is this gray Tire level benefits with your app you'll unlock gives that every 55 000 points and experience lots of fun challenges by the way if you want to learn more about the old loyalty program tab about loyalty Link in the bottom of your screen see you soon so yeah then you will just get the different color of the cup uh so you can see great Tire rewards you'll see a complimentary sandwich after your first app order ability to pre-order in all stores at all times uh so you have a lot of these different gifts and all of that so yeah they just I'll add a lot of this gamification elements inside of the app so you can try that and then it's like pretty convenient you can see top selling products like sandwiches and Shakes so yeah that's basically the idea you can buy Cards here you can reorder you can pay and that's how the process looks like then also you can just refer a friend so feel free to use my referral code here you can see your order history you can see your personal info and then you can also just tap to delete your account uh uh you can also then edit your data for example so yeah that's basically how it works um hope that is helpful and try out this app

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