JOT - Just One Thought app - what is it?

JOT - Just One Thought app - what is it?

Have you heard about JOT app? It's the latest addition to social networking and has already made its way to the top charts. With so much buzz going around, we decided to install the app and find out what the fuss is all about.

Upon opening the app, we were greeted with a warm welcome message that emphasized JOT's focus on self-expression and authentic connection. It promises to be a platform where users can break free from the confines of traditional social media and embrace their true selves.

The app's core feature is simple - it allows you to jot down a thought within two minutes. If you end up changing your mind, you can easily edit your daily thought once a day. The app also allows you to toggle between your friends' daily thoughts or discover what the Jot community is buzzing about with just a tap.

Additionally, the app offers various features, including reactions, personal insights, streaks, and top reactors. This app, however, is not a social media platform, but rather a social energy platform.

To start using the app, simply create an account and begin jotting down your thoughts. The idea seems to be very similar to BeReal - an app where users take photos, but here, users write their thoughts. It can be considered as a Twitter version of BeReal, making it a text-based option to express your thoughts.

With an increasing amount of praise and positive feedback surrounding the app, we suggest giving it a try. Who knows, maybe one thought a day is all you need to break free from social media confines.

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