Journal by Lapse - how to create an account?

There is an interesting app called Journal by Lapse, so let's just install it. Lapse was another app, although it seems to no longer exist. This app is probably their new updated version or a completely new app based on their technology. It turns your phone into a disposable camera, where snaps are a mystery until they develop at random later in the day. You can share these snaps on your friends' feed and see if you can fold. Additionally, a monthly photodump is automatically created on your profile, allowing you to organize your favorite snaps into albums.

To get started with Journal by Lapse, you'll need to give the app access to your camera and contacts. Then, you need to sign up using your phone number. This is the basic process for creating an account. The idea behind the app is to simulate using an old Polaroid camera. You take photos, but you don't see them immediately. Instead, there is a delay, giving you the experience of waiting for your pictures to develop, just like in the 19th century. After one day, you receive a notification that your photo has been "developed," and you can then view and share them with your friends. The app adds a vintage Polaroid effect to the photos, which can add a unique and cool touch to your snapshots.

The concept of delayed disposable photos was quite viral about a year ago, but the trend slowly died down, and people stopped using apps with these features. However, it may still be worth giving Journal by Lapse a try to see if it reignites your interest in this concept.

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