Jow - easy recipes and groceries - app overview

here's the interesting app which is called joe or your easy recipes and groceries and it's really trending high right now in the app store charts ratings uh select from thousands of homemade recipes created by our team of foodies and tailored to your taste kitchen and household size joe's dynamic shopping list is optimized for a number of people in your home never buy more or less than you really need once you have selected your meals you automatically order the necessary ingredients for your recipes plus all your other categories what's for dinner so that's the app you can see just a few ratings actually but yeah this app is climbing in charts it was among top 100 apps today in the us app store and so yeah you can just open the app so let's actually try to create an account so you need to select where uh your location at the moment it's only france or united states uh how many people are feeding you can select your tastes so then you can add dislikes so you can select uh so your location then you can just enter your zip code and then and then you just create your account with facebook google or apple so that's basically what you can try to do and that's the idea join the club and then again they prompt you to sign up for newsletter and then i just want to sign in with apple so yeah something like that it should work it it doesn't so let's just open it up again so here is the app again so yep after opening the app i i can log in so and that i just want to create four meals so here i have four meals so let's just you can see all the ingredients you can see the recipe you can see i can see the nutrition facts and i can and that's basically that's my menu then i create my grocery list and then i just add all of that and that's basically the the list i can go and buy in grocery and prepare all this stuff and then i can just look how to cook it and it's very like intuitive nice videos uh so kind of like a tick tock style for cooking so that's why this app is kind of very interesting so yep something around it [Music] hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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