JPAY app how to install on iPhone? Quick preview

here there is a quick overview how to install gpay app on iPhone so you just search for gpay and here you just have that in in finance category and you can just install it uh and that's basically the idea it's constantly the top charts in finance category but it has super poor rating it's like it has 12 000 ratings but um yeah that's what it is it's just also the the idea is very yeah like decent like you can support uh uh your in in cancellated individuals uh GPI allows you to quickly send money to a trust account send and receiving miles photos e-cards and videograms uh purchase a tablet for a contact and fund their media account so maybe that's the reason because the like the the design is very simplified very minimalistic it does the job however yes there are some bugs and glitches out of the way so yeah here is the app you can just open an account you can allow notifications and then yeah you can just uh create new account uh select contacts location and then uh you can just select the ID and then just tap search and then you can get started and proceed with your details uh you then you can create an account with my own password um yeah so you can create that account um it's not possible to create an account with Apple ID Google or Facebook whatever so it's like that and then you just proceed with uh what you can do here so you can send money purchase stamps send and receiving mails get new email notifications send emails prepare for an email reply attach send photos send just a photo with SNAP and send send a 30 second videogram set up low stamp balance reminder purchase tablet fear for your contact uh yeah fund media account and edit payment options and option to sell cars for future manager profile um so yeah that's basically what you can do here um here you just see that how it looks like uh you can set up also recurring money transfers you can change your payment message um and that's just a quick preview

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