JUJU APP - play, chat, win - FULL OVERVIEW. How to use?

hey everyone so here is new interesting trending app as you can see it's in top charts and social networking category uh so let's just open it up so you can easily download it the size is like 30 megabytes it has 1.5 k ratings so you can play games and have voice chat so if you just open the app basically here it is the whole idea is like quite old but it's still exciting so you can just play different games and then yeah just having voice chat with like random people here you can just get some 200 gems for free if you just share it on snapchat so let's just do that i'll just try to share some of their stickers so we can do that but yeah it's just snapchat pasted some story from juju and then yeah something like this and then i can just send it into uh into my story and then basically there you have it so now i submitted it so uh there you have it hopefully then you can get some free jumps by doing this but here is the app there were a few games in the beginning but now there are more so there is wing blast there is sheep battle there is friend goals four in a row stack attack trivia champion jungle swing and more games coming soon also you can just tap on a question mark and you will appear in some random game with someone and that basically this is how it looks like i don't want to go into the game right now because frankly the app is still a bit buggy so for example this is how that game will look like you can then just turn on your microphone and then you can just play with some random person you can also chat and have voice chat and all of that so it's kind of similar to you know like a michael random video chat app uh but uh yeah here you also um yeah just play games so maybe you or you also remember uh some sort of house party or there is another app which is called rave where you can share browser you can you know also play some games here is just focused around games and then uh there is also some little board so you can compete with other people you can see your own writing you can see how many jumps each person has yesterday or all time so you can see all time champions at the moment this is cola username so i don't know if it is possible to go to someone profile or add it like as a friend so i'm not sure you can do that and then there is just your profile tab so you need to share on snapchat you can share on snapchat to get 200 gems as you can see i just share it three out of five times uh and then that's your username you can change it you can upload your profile picture and that's basically it um yeah uh it's not possible to add friends or dm or chat message here this is this doesn't work um so also here you can we can read more about juju is an app to make friends by playing fun fun casual multiplayer games with people from around the country and talk over instant voice chat and you win games you'll earn jumps and climb the leaderboard super fun and low pressure way to make new friends so yeah something like house party but the house party was more it was like you know people you know and you have the video chat here here you just play some random games with random people and can have a voice chat so if for example if you're feeling lonely or something like that you can always just you know instead of doing just voice chat straight away which can be boring you can just start playing some game and yeah it can be pretty nice like some time ago like a few years ago there were some very popular games like pool or something like that and just like apple games were just starting it was like 10 years ago maybe and you just have this first online multiplayer and it was pretty exciting so yeah it's interesting but now it's just another way to do it and there are also you will probably need a lot of gems or when you just win the game you can get all these jams so you can buy for 2.99 and that's like will 2x your jams in one hour or six in one hour like if you win five games you can get 50 jams in hundred games 500 gems write a review follow on instagram turn on notifications daily check in so every daily check-in brings you automatically 20 jams so here as you can see i just collected 20 gems yay and now my uh rating is 680 today so i'm up i'm climbing up in the ratings so that's pretty cool um yep and then there is like help and feedback in case you're sensitive about your data any other reason you can just reach out here to support and you know you can always ask them to delete your account or if you have any other feedback maybe app ideas you know maybe you're looking for a job at this app or anything else so yeah you can just reach out there so yeah that's basically the app the the idea um again these are the games some of the games you can play solo some other games you can play with someone and are more and more games coming soon so definitely try out this app if you just like to hang out on your phone just you know like line and the sofa somewhere and it's like what should i do like you know to hang out with some friends and protect some have some chats and all of that so this is one of the apps which can help you with it because honestly i don't really like all these random video chat apps it's it's a bit cringe and a lot of them are like pretty scammy and i don't want to see all the like scammy stuff videos and all of that um just in this omega or monkey apps but this is the more cipher way to do it so this is like a more yeah if you are a bit more introvert as well this can be a good app to start and uh to play it and all of that so yes you can see 4.8 out of 5 average rating so that's pretty okay you have 1400 ratings here uh some reviews this is a very great game i will be playing this game every day morning noon and night because i love it so much and i wish i could manu make money of it but that's okay because i still love this game no matter so yep that's basically it um yeah so that's the idea um hope you enjoyed this uh quick overview of the app yes you can see it's pretty amazing that this app is right now in the top charts in social networking category so definitely there is some like magic to it and there is some like design elements which people like and enjoy so yes thank you for watching

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