JustFit Lazy Workout app - quick & easy guide

so here's the interesting app just feed lazy workout I already created some videos overviews how to get started how to get onboarded it's pretty long on boarding process here but when you are done this is just how the app looks like so basically you enter your target your aim weight uh like how what you're gonna do and basically on your target weight this app just creates a series of workouts for you and right now I'm not even in the paid version so I'm not upgraded here and it's pretty cool so the functionality is it's really quite powerful even in a free version so then just based on your goals you just have all these days created and then you see the series series of exercises just generated for you you can tap on those exercises and just see uh quick workouts and you can start the first day for free so without upgrading you can just step start you can see some recommendation and then you can stop just thank you so there you have it uh you can also can connect some other music here and then yeah you can just do this workout like that and then it's just you have like that this time click in and then you have this workout you can stream it to your screen to your Apple TV Chromecast whatever and then just follow along and also add some music the idea uh excellent thank you for the more you work out the more you will have this kind of deals so then um people will just reach out I mean like in the app you will just see the some deals and some cheaper prices for monthly subscription and that's basically the idea but unfortunately then after the first training uh to start with day two or day three as you can see it's locked uh so maybe you will actually need to upgrade so that's the overview then you have the workout section here you can just see all of the uh like just uh techniques and all of the videos for some nice workouts in the bad uh some wall workouts and this is the cool app exactly for that it's called lazy workout you just have so many exercises which you can do without any equipment you can do in your in your bed or in your apartment even without yoga mat on your sofa on your chair so like you know if you just want to start out like and you don't want to go to some fancy gym like uh like you know working out with all those people this is like the perfect app for you definitely and it's very nicely designed very good looking you have all the different routines here you have all the activities uh you can see the workouts you can see the your um daily goals and you can set up some you know some activities and yeah and then you can have settings here in the top right so that's basically the idea you can always then just upgrade to Premium um in the settings so is that just like a quick overview for you um and hope that's helpful

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