JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

hello everyone so um here is just a quick overview how to install justfit flight the workout app on your phone so here's the app it's it's actually growing pretty nicely in the top charts um and yeah um and this app is specifically focused on female fitness and exercises so uh yeah it's just specifically dedicated to human exercises and yeah that's just a cool nice easy to use app a very convenient design easy to start with very kind of minimalistic justfit is a scientifically designed virtual coach who will definitely help you it's high time for you to start your training just if it has got everything ready workout plans huge library of exercises from top to bottom just fit even can give you personalized recommendations regarding your requirements whether you want to Target your training on problem error so lose weight or gain muscle weight so workouts at home at any time TaylorMade approach to weight loss right workouts to your needs you can integrate Apple house and there is auto renewing subscription at 69.99 per year so let's just open the app and then what motivates you the best get shaped look better feel more comfortable prepare body for summer okay let's go build muscle muscle and then you just need to enter your data uh for example so yeah something like that I'm just showing you the onboarding experience and how it might look like so yeah here you just have that uh what's your desired type we are starting a clear picture of you and your body about you what's your gender so then you can just select okay you can do mile or female but mostly the audience of this app is mostly like female uh what's your age you can just select what's your age then you can just select where you want to work out no jump in or line down exercise and yes then just select those then you can select if you suffered any injures um Fitness analysis so as you can see the onboarding is pretty long here but overall if you just manage to go through it the app is fairly easy to use so just stick with it thank you so then you can so there you have it and then finally it creates a personal plan um just need to wait some time so yeah that's basically that the plan and your routine what you need to do to do like the workout area and uh just uh yeah this is just like a workout for you and then just get my plan and then you need to upgrade instantly so you can upgrade for one month 19.99 per month 12 months uh 583 per month or you can do three months as well there is no payment now there is a free trial and there is it is a seven day free trial start this of course I will offer you some additional deals um so you can also try that and yeah then you can just allow notifications and then yeah so you have your plan um you can see all the workouts you need to do during different days what you can do then there are different workouts um just all the different tutorials than their activities you can connect your Apple house and continue that so you can see that and then you can just see your progress how are you going through your progress and then you can just log weight and all of that so yeah that's basically the process of creating an account and then as you can see the the app is fairly easy to use so then you just have like okay I have I need to do this exercise and then it's like a quick giphy I give like what exactly you need to do some popular exercises you have here and then yeah you can just tap start but it's just you of course you can just see all the routine which is made for you but um uh you can also see the heart rate and just see the training and the heart rate can burn the most fat but then yeah if you want to to use it in a proper way then you will need to upgrade to you know like just to start button I'm coach Adam and then yeah you just follow all these things together if you if you're not if you're not upgraded if you're not upgraded um yeah it will be just some things will be harder for you but as you can see it's pretty convenient to use to use it even even in a free version and just to start out so that's the idea then you have progress you can see monthly achievement you can see workout durations then you have settings of your account which you can always you can always add it you can set up workout reminders you can clear cache also as well just to increase more storage on your phone then you can also delete your account um then there is Apple house uh premium so then you can just upgrade to premium from here yeah if you try to create an account few times or if you just try create in your account you can see maybe there are some perks or some deals available for you it's cool feature to enable workout reminder here as well and there is a support if you can reach out to them from to contact or just feed energy.live so you can do that as well so yeah that's basically the idea of the app as you can see it's pretty nicely designed app very easy to use minimalistic and yeah you can just follow it in yourself like in your own room in your apartment house just you know without like if you don't like overcrowded gym so you need to commute to your gym this is like just the app in your phone and it's very well built nice exercises well designed and you can track all your activities it's very nice like knowledge base you can see all of these workout types you can reach it for yourself and yeah so that's basically the idea for it I hope it was helpful and thank you for watching

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