JustFit Lazy Workout - quick app overview

so super quick overview of just fit lazy workout app so the name tells for itself is the app for like super lazy workout if you just go and you know if you're just starting out just work out you don't want to go to gym or you don't want to get some expensive equipment go like buy piloton or stuff like that this is the perfect app so all the exercises here you can a lot of them you can just do without equipment there are even workouts which you can do right in your bed like or on your sofa even stuff like that so you can see like wall workouts uh 15 minute full body workout in bed literally you can just do that you can have all exercises like this but it's a good start for you to start out it's not like a bodybuilding app um yeah so it's it's and the app is very well designed well organized well made uh and I'm not even upgraded yet here so the idea of the app that you just log log in you go through on board in session which course do you have do you want to gain more muscles do you want to lose some weight do you want to become more active you set up these goals and then you just have like all the workouts designed and built for you in these images and then you can just tap start and your workout will start then I guess if you want to unlock more guidance or unlock more days you will need to upgrade so you'll need to upgrade to premium but the cool thing also about this app is the more you work out you can have some really cool deals which you can claim so uh sometimes instead of paying 70 dollars per year if you really use this app a lot you can just get some deals to to get like 50 off or something like that and then then probably you will still need to pay full price at some point but still it's nice and then you can just track your progress you can set up how many workouts you have many calories you burn how many minutes you did work out you can lock your weight you can see some achievements you can see workout durations you can just connect your Apple house here here and then just connect to Spotify Apple music and when you just basically doing the workout you just see all of these exercises and then you can just stream to your screen to your TV your laptop and just play some music together with this and it's pretty pretty convenient so that's kind of the idea of it um yeah so cool app and you can try it out so yeah that's basically overview here you have these settings which you can check check out and that's basically what it is at the moment so um yeah that's just the app it's also available on Android Google Play Store so iOS or Android doesn't matter everything just basically to help you out to get started with your workouts and to get in shape

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