KFC US ORDERING APP - how to order KFC via app?

Here's KFC US ordering app. Ordering world famous fried chicken has never been easier. So one click you're ordering and you can just skip the lines and then you can track your order faster, check out, stay connected. All of that. Keep in mind, this is only like US app, so this is specifically designed for United States. Probably there should be other apps where you can just. Order KFC from your country if you're not in US. So, yeah, just open up this app. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Then you can just create an account here. You still need to sign in and then you need to create an account via the website. It's a bit annoying, so you need to create like first last name, email, password, confirm password. It's not possible to sign in with your Apple ID or Google. And then you can just tap login to to the account. So, yeah, that's basically the process. Or you can just continue as the guest. Show me the chicken. You can see some special offers here. You can see some family meals, all of the menu just basically in the app. Very easy. So, for example, if I want to order some like eight pieces of chicken and then variety, I can just select a different recipe, can add some different ingredients, and then I just need to select either I'd like to do a pickup or delivery. So, for example, I just want to enter delivery and then can just enter delivery address or you can just select a KFC where you just want to pick it up in the United States. And then, yeah, then here is your account like. And then here is your bag where you can just choose your store and start to order. So, yeah, super simple app, but it saves you a lot of time, especially if it's a delivery and all of that. So it can be quite helpful. So, yeah. And probably also if you're using these apps, not only you're saving time from queues and all of that, it can also be helpful for you to, you know, you can get some deals and discounts. Sometimes, very often in the apps, they just have that. So, yeah. So, try it out and have fun.

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