Kick streaming app - how to create an account?

here's interesting app Kick and it's one of the fastest rising streaming apps out there people can say it's one of the competitors to Twitch yeah so you can just go to and then you can see all of these streams uh uh some streams have like a few thousand of you viewers some just have like 50 some have 114 as you can see here so yeah this is uh just like interesting app it's just getting more in popularity more in charts it's not only gaming here there are a lot of different categories which you can discover uh yeah and then you can just easily sign up you can sign up with Google um or you can sign up old school using username and password so if I just sign up for example with Google and then I can just set up my username so yeah okay there is some bug here but uh not available okay okay now I can try username must be lowercase so yeah now you just need to accept terms and conditions and you're in so yeah that's basically the idea then you have a the app and they have something like wallet uh if it says here Kik is the new way to transfer value between creators and viewers like never before instant transactions alongside increased limitations he will charge zero percent fee and post customers and creators for transactions so you have it here and then you can just search uh you have your profile um so yeah that's basically an idea and then you can just browse so it's kind of like one of the alternatives for twitch it still still is in beta as like on the website there is no no like Android or iOS app as I understand there is no link anywhere but you can join the Discord community of all of them on Twitter Instagram but uh there you have it so try out this app

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