Kickstarter app on iPhone - how to use? Full overview

hello everyone so here is Kickstarter app uh so Yep this is the app uh on iOS on iPhone of course probably you know website um um yeah but it's much easier actually to use the app and it's just on your fingertips and I'll just show you a quick tutorial how the app looks like in case you haven't used it yeah so there is a home feed Explorer where you can see all the all the interesting products recommended to you there are popular products so for people who are completely new cookie starters this is like a crowdfunding platform one of the top platforms on on yeah in the world and then you just have different products here different campaigns and people rising money a lot of this here are just some board games some games dice games but there are also very like serial serious projects and some startups and you just step back this project pledge without the reward and then uh yeah you can select and different types of pledges and then you can see all these rewards which you can get sometimes for example if you pledge like uh you know some amount you can get this product ahead of the queue so for example there is some electric bike being developed like which is really cool you can back it early in the process and when it's released you can buy it for like 50 of the price and very fast or something like that and then you can just go through the campaign you can see all the videos you can see all of the FAQs you can see read all of the risks here so something like that you can bookmark it uh but for that you need to create your account create an account super easy just log in here on the mobile app with your Apple ID or like Google or Facebook something like that super fast and then yeah you don't even need like a website I think it's just super easy so you can see all the newest project so you can see at the moment um it's uh converted 2268 dollar pledge of three thousand dollar gold so you can see you can buy this project 72 funded 35 funded ten percent funded 109 funded ending soon so yeah you can also explore projects you can search for them um this is your profile here you can have some messages account so yeah something around that um but I'm not sure that if you can create projects on Kickstarter from the app if it's possible to do so so that's basically the idea uh yeah so that's the app uh yeah I hope that is helpful that's just an app overview and thank you for watching

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