Kickstarter iOS app - quick preview

hi everyone so here is Kickstarter app on iPhone on iOS obviously it's very famous website um and yeah it's uh but it is also a mobile app uh uh where you can access all the different projects you want to back and yeah I just want to share this process how to create an account and then I'll just create a tutorial of this app um so yeah it's just easier to do all of these things just from your fingertips from mobile app backers on kickstarters a passionate creative Visionaries that find joy and connection and finding new ideas and bringing them to life discard projects and categories like art design film games hardware and music make the world a more creative and new Innovative place while receiving rewards with Kickstarter app you can join like-minded backers stay connected with updates save your favorites and get reminders before projects and easily track your funding progress keep office comments and pledges and yeah so that's basically that

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