Kikoff - build credit quickly - how to install on iPhone?

here's an app called kickoff build credit quickly so just tap get and then you will be able to install it so yes that's how you install it on iPhone this is the easiest way to build credit pay just five dollars per month no credit checks no hidden fees zero interest we set up a credit account to you and Report with a 750 credit line we report your payment history to credit bureaus set and forget setup after pay and watch your credit grow and then you can just apply uh yeah kickoff is the easiest way to do it purchase the credit building service for just five dollars per month and then you will get a credit line reported to Equifax and Experian every month um so yeah let's just explore it so you can get started and then you can create an account easily just with email and password or if you have an account you can sign in so yes that's basically how you create an account

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