Kiwi widget - music with friends - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE?

here's interesting app keeping music with friends let's just go through it it's growing in charts in popularity pretty fast as you can see here it is in music chart just uh yeah in top 10 apps it's also in the in the top 100 apps right now in the US App Store as I understand so the whole idea is that you can write songs sent by your friends uh so write your friends music anonymously see your music quality writing on your profile and the idea is that once a day you receive a notification for example like this send your most recently placed onto your friends you have two minutes so you need to send that so you can obviously connect Spotify or apple music I just did another video overview like how would you go if it's creating an account and yeah and then you just send this music suggestions to your friends during this notification period so this app is kind of like a bureau app for for the music the real app is right now is going super viral it's number one app in the US app store it's like a new social media it's like authentic Instagram where the whole idea is again you just receive notification and you need to post a random photo during two minutes here is the sign but just with the song at a random Time Each Day a notification will prompt you and your friends to share a song and a message at all at the same time you never know what the notification will say so be ready all of the songs your friends share show up on the widget for your iPhone home screen anonymously give and receive music ratings and see an average music creating score on your profile so that's uh uh what you can see here and then if I just open it up here that's basically how the app looks like you can add friends in the top left so you can just search friends maybe you can just search like by username um you can just add them like this you can also tap invite in top right and invite from your contacts because when you create the app you just sync your contacts and then you also have like your library so you can then select some song and then send it to friends but you have no friends so you can send it so yeah unfortunately I can't demonstrate you this but that's basically how it works and when you create an account it's crucial to enable notifications and make sure that you are receiving notifications and you're just getting them also I signed in with my Spotify account I signed in I can see my playlist here I can see my profile in top right I can tap on my zero icon and I can easily log out or delete account if you're concerned about your privacy and your data and this is here is everything is quite straightforward so you see your sand songs in the bottom part meaning these are all songs you have to just send then you see your music rating according to friends so when friends receiving your song suggestions they'll probably listen to it or not and then they will write it if they like it or not of course it's like very subjective it's just for fun you can have like a just very developed music tastes or you can like rock your friends like in RnB and you just hate each other's Styles but that's what how it works and then you can just need to add the widget so just tap and hold on the app so I start jiggling and then you just add kiwi you can see here two types of widgets small and horizontal one so just adding it here and then yeah you just see this widget and here in the widget I think you will see it songs sung by France in the horizontal widget you can see multiple songs um so that's basically that and that's how it's working and yeah so that's the idea of the app you can always ask any questions DM at kiwi widget I don't know if it's like Instagram or telegram where that is probably just or Twitter maybe just Twitter um it's a new app but very sweet idea where you can yeah have this widgets enabled um so that's basically how how it is working um yeah interesting app it was a while on Tick Tock I think and it's maybe it will continue to grow in the charts um yeah it's it's pretty neat idea to send music to your friends as I are receiving it because anyways you if you listen to some nice song you can always just forward your friends in messenger or something like that but if you are really a mellow man and you're spend a lot of time in your Apple music and Spotify is an app for you and it's also like a kind of a music Discovery app because your friends just checked out some really cool Vibe song and I can send it to you maybe you didn't know also in Spotify there is like a Spotify blunt playlist where you can create it simultaneously with your friends and you can discover each other's music here yeah you can also kind of do that but in a more direct way just by uh yeah um sanding songs so that's the app let's see how it develops if it's going more viral more popular um let's also read some reviews um so there are not that many writings so far it's just yeah it's as good idea a lot of bugs why can I not change my profile picture and why when I try to it does tell me my username is taken and good work uh when the notifications come it should prompt you to send the last one you listen to to all your friends can change any profile settings that's yeah that's a bummer so when you create an app you set up your username and that's it now I don't see in the app like how do I change my username and I can can't change my profile picture as well maybe it will be added in the future but this is definitely an issue right now lack of option please add an option to edit our profiles is it available on Android probably not yet some bugs there are some issues with notifications yeah for example in be real app where there is an original idea of it in the beginning there was a huge bug with notifications people were not able to click on notifications or open the app or anything like that um then it says add Apple music so yes you can now sign up with apple music and Spotify so that should be solved writing music feature widget won't show up um some people don't receive verification code some people say app is not working some people say can't add friends to add friends use a search bar to find your friends by username others and received friend requests will leave on the friends page uh amazing and fun widget not working can't sign up uh can't change profile icon yeah so these are all these like common bugs which are just described but yeah you can imagine probably it's not like such a huge team who's building this app um so my Visa just like working on fixing those but still the average writing is pretty high for for this uh for this app 4.6 out of 5 is pretty nice especially for new app meaning that it's a good quality app so definitely give it a try if you're liking Spotify if you like in apple music give a try to this app and yep that should be uh that should be your saying so other than that uh there you have it um I don't know what else to mention here I'm just also looking to add more friends feel free to add me and let's exchange some music so here's my user original name at Andre so just search in this app again you can just search it like this and then you can request or invite friends anyhow thank you for watching please put a like below this video so more people can enjoy it and see it comment at your suggestions visit my blog and see you in the next videos

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