here is interesting app which is called clover instant cash advance so let's just go straight as you can see it has 76 000 reviews so far um and yeah so this is the kind of app you need to use if you if you want some extra cash like small amounts of cash quickly there are a bunch of apps like that on the on the app store um yeah and also you of course you should be always careful with this kind of apps [Music] just double check what you are doing um yeah because there you know there are there aren't free money out there so just always be careful but in case you know you are waiting for your salary and you need some like extra hundred dollars fast to pay for a gas or for some bill this is the kind of app you can try to use so need some extra cash clover gives you a hundred dollar instant cash advance before you get paid no credit back no interest no hidden fees no payback period clover is the first cash app to give you access to your earnings early um just use clover for all of your rainy day money needs a simple sign up sign up in seconds data opt in your data is your asset opt into our choosing data agreement gets instant cash and tools whether you're taking cash advantage checking your budget clover has your back so that's done and then you can just open up the app you can allow notifications or not and then uh yeah you can get approved for up to a hundred dollars so use points to get up to thirty dollars so obviously these are not thousands of dollars but of course yeah these are kind of apps you have and they can't allow you to you know like easily borrow thousands of dollars and then basically you can create an account here

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