Layla - Voices in Harmony app - how to use

Here's the app called Layla - Voices in Harmony. So let's just install it just for you to know if you wanna use this app or not, so you don't spend some time, you know, using this app.

It's climbing high in the social networking charts, but you just always need to be careful when using these apps when, you know, sometimes they just appear for a few weeks and sometimes they just disappear.

So yeah, you can just sign up with Apple or you can just use quick login. And then, yeah, there you have it. You can just enable your gender. You can select your birthday. So, you'll need to be at least 18, for example, and then your nickname. You can just enter it and then just go there and then you can see tags. And then there you have it.

So then you just sign up and then you see some new user gift pack. Then you just claim it, you'll just get it. And then you just have a lot of users with who you can do voice chat. Then there is like just a random chat. Then there is like a feed where you can just see the feed, kind of like Facebook. Then there are messages and then there is your account. So that's what it is. Like, that's how this works. And then, yeah, you can just see your account. You can see some settings, can clear a cache. If you want, you can just delete your account. So that's just you decide if you wanna use this app or not. So it's just basically, yeah, how it works.

Sometimes you need to be aware in these apps there are a lot of AI bots or some other types of scams. So if you're pushed to upgrade or if you're receiving like, you know, a lot of messages and you think they're from real people, you just need to be cautious before upgrading and buying some coins or diamonds and all of that.

Let's explore if this app will be in the app store for a while and then you can try it out.

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