Lens.xyz - how to join the waitlist?

so here's lens protocol lens XYZ website and it's kind of Webster resocial Network and it's becoming more and more popular it's one of the few tokens few uh crypto projects which still pretty doing pretty okay during like the crypto winter right now so yeah it's a good idea probably just to join the white list here so yeah you can just go on the website and tap join wait list and then let's just do it together so I'm entering my name uh and then your early join the lens waste list and just enter some tests and then uh yeah then then you can just enter your ethereum address or ens like which is like a domain so yeah uh something like that um and then you will be able to join that so let's okay let's just enter an a you have been added to the white list we'll let you know when you can claim your handle uh we can't wait to grow with you swallow lens protocol uh so yeah that's how you join the white list here

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