Levels Social Fitness Network - quick overview & how to use

Levels Social Fitness Network - Quick Overview & How to Use

Here is a quick overview and tutorial of the Levels Social Fitness Network app. This app has been steadily climbing the top charts, and for good reason. It offers unique and interesting concepts that make it stand out among other fitness apps.

First and foremost, Levels is a social network for fitness enthusiasts. You can add friends and follow their activities, similar to Instagram. Instead of tracking photos and videos, though, you can see the workouts your friends have completed and even the weights they have lifted. It's a great way to stay motivated and share your fitness journey with others.

Additionally, the app incorporates gamification elements to keep users engaged. You can earn "tricks" by logging in consistently, completing your planned workouts, or even taking a rest day to maintain a streak. The app also features trophies that you can proudly display by completing workouts and challenges. It's a fun way to challenge yourself and show off your accomplishments.

Adding friends on the app is a breeze. Simply search for friends using the search feature and connect with them to keep track of each other's fitness progress.

Of course, the main feature of the app is the ability to log your own workouts. You can easily add a workout and record details such as reps and weight lifted. The app provides a comprehensive exercise bank, making it easy to find the specific exercises you perform. The classification system helps you navigate through the exercises efficiently.

In the workout history section, you can review your previous workouts. It's a handy way to keep track of your progress and monitor your fitness journey. For example, you can see that you completed two workouts and lifted a total of 470 kilograms.

As the app is still in active development, there is an opportunity to provide feedback. You can share your thoughts to help improve the app and contribute to its continuous refinement.

Levels also offers a referral program. By referring friends to the app, you can receive credits. Feel free to use the provided code, 6FTMRLUMX1MJ, to redeem your credits on the referral page. It's an excellent way to share the app with others while benefiting yourself.

It's worth noting that Levels Social Fitness Network is currently only available on iOS, but the development team has plans to expand to Android in the future.

Overall, Levels is an impressive fitness app that has gained significant attention during this holiday season. It offers a multitude of features for free, which is quite a bargain compared to other fitness apps that often require expensive subscriptions just to access basic exercise planning. Give it a try and see how it can enhance your fitness journey.

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