Lily Diary app - overview

okay so here is lily diary app um it's going in top charts recently so let's try to install it it's 285 megabytes uh yeah you can just install it and the idea is that you just dress up and decorate avatars with many items so that's how it works so that's interesting um and yeah you can just have 700 ratings but yeah it's growing so interesting app of course there are a lot of other apps like reality avatar streaming app and something others where you can just you know like it's a social media with avatars but here you can just practice your skills in designing outfits and all of that just having fun and relaxing [Music] here avatar [Music] and then you can [Applause] [Music] just add some category so then you can just select eyebrows and you can select different eyes different leaves different shapes [Music] here [Music] then different outfits [Music] so yeah then you can just add more additional outfits you can add these purchases then you can delete everything again [Music] so [Music] that's something like that all right then there are tutorials settings um and that's basically it so you just play with all these avatars and then i i just want to save the avatar and it's saved here and then i can create up to 999 avatars and i can always edit them not sure if i can okay so i can just add all of these like letters here and add some backgrounds and add just more avatars and then just move them around so that's kind of super relaxing super nice experience and yeah if you just want to play with it that's how it works so yeah that's the idea super fun app definitely give it a try                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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