Line app Instant Cash Advance quick app preview

here's an app called line Instant Cash Advance let's just have a quick look on it it has 16 000 ratings [Music] and yeah it's like one of the top apps in this category there are so many apps like this so you you always need to have your own judgment and just do a careful research before using any of those apps because honestly there can be a lot of scams in these categories but yeah like these apps in which uh have like you know 10 000 plus ratings and it's constantly in the top 100 apps seems they are more legit but yeah I can just do your own research and yeah this is the app which can get you from ten to one thousand dollars in instant cash advance uh plans start at like 190 per month it's available only in us the wallet by line Financial users qualify for anything between 20 30 40 up to 1000 and can access these funds instantly withdraw them into their bank account debit card or gift card of their choice unlock higher amounts unlimited unlocking of higher amounts if you maintain an active subscription gift cards up to 20 cashback uh one million insurance all plans include credit monitoring credit alerts direct monitoring credit predictor so yeah let's just open it up and then you can just instantly sign up or login so let's just do some example and then you can just sign up with your phone number it's only possible to use this uh in your ass so you you're not allowed okay and then you need to use like a real number here unfortunately I just want to go gonna show you like a tutorial but yeah seems you need to have only Us number and the real number here as well um so that's that there you had but I think you got the idea you just create an account and follow the instructions you can have some apps where you can get like hundred to hundred dollars actually without no interest rate and without monthly subscription but if if you need like more than like let's say 200 cash advance apps then probably you will have either some interest rate not that high but you will have that and probably you will need to buy pay some membership fee or something like that so this is like a middle app it's not you can hear borrow up to thousands or more than 200 you can borrow 500 700 uh but yeah uh that's basically the idea and then here you can just uh get started and that's basically the process so yeah um just quick preview

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