In the video transcript, the presenter discusses the benefits of upgrading to the NGL Premium version to access enhanced features within the NGL app. With the upgrade, users can expect to see detailed information about their shared links, including HS, location, device information, NGL ID, and more. Here are some key points highlighted in the video:

  • Link your hint in the NGL app
  • Upgrade to NGL Pro to unlock additional features
  • View information such as location, phone details, time stamp, software, carrier, ISP, and connections (ngla and their friends)
  • Be aware that with the Pro version, users can't see the exact identities of those who interacted with their links or messages

The transcript stresses the importance of upgrading to NGL Pro to gain access to a wealth of detailed insights, which can enhance the user experience and provide valuable information. By making the switch to the premium version, users can uncover a wealth of data that goes beyond basic link interaction details.

If you want to maximize your experience with the NGL app and delve deeper into the analytics behind your shared links, upgrading to NGL Pro seems like a worthwhile investment based on the insights shared in the video.

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