Linky ai chat app - how to use

Linky AI chat app is gaining popularity as one of the top characters AI apps available in the market. Users are constantly seeking better alternatives, and Linky AI chat app seems to be a promising option to explore. With millions of characters to interact with, users can dive into different stories, engage in immersive role-play experiences, receive mysterious letters from their AI partners, gather cards, and unlock hidden plots.

Key features of the Linky AI chat app include:

  • Access to a vast array of characters
  • Filtering options based on different tags such as new, role-play, spicy, fan club, and Mafia
  • Recommendations for users
  • Ability to create custom characters easily by providing names, looks, and information

Moreover, users can engage in chats within the app, customize their chat experience by using features like save, clear chat, and do a call. Users also have the option to save cards within the app. Linky AI chat app offers a free version supported by ads, but users can opt for the Linky Pro account, which offers additional features and perks for $90 annually.

One unique aspect of the Linky AI chat app is its Creator Center, which outlines clear monetization policies for creators. By creating popular AI characters with a substantial following, users have the potential to earn revenue through the app. The Creator Center specifies earnings based on the popularity of created characters, providing an incentive for users to create engaging content.

In addition to in-app features, Linky AI chat app also encourages community engagement through its Discord Community. Users can participate in discussions, share experiences, and stay updated on app-related news and developments.

Overall, Linky AI chat app presents an intriguing option for users looking to immerse themselves in character-based AI interactions and storytelling experiences. With a range of features, customization options, and potential for creators to earn revenue, Linky AI chat app offers a comprehensive platform for users to engage and explore.

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