Linky ai chat - how to delete a chat?

Linky AI chat - how to delete a chat?


Uh, so Linky AI chat, how to delete a chat. Here, so here is the Linky app, and basically when you go to this app, uh, you have some chats, and then you can just swipe up to the chat, and then you can just tap to delete it. So there you have it, and then that's how you delete the chat.

But, uh, I think the better thing is that you can just clear the chat, and then, uh, make sure you clear the chat and reset the character. So, that's how you do it because if you just delete it, uh, you will just delete it from your history, but it can be restored here. So there you have it.

Steps to delete a chat on Linky AI chat:

  1. Open the Linky app on your device.
  2. Find the chat you want to delete by swiping up to navigate through your chats.
  3. Tap on the chat you wish to delete.
  4. Look for the delete option and tap to confirm the deletion.
  5. Consider clearing the chat history for a more thorough removal of the chat content.
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