Linky ai chat - how to delete your character/make it private

In the world of Linky AI Chat, managing your character's privacy settings is essential to control who can interact with your avatar. While deleting a character may not be an option, making it private ensures that only selected individuals can access and engage with it.

To make your character private on Linky AI Chat, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access Your Characters: Navigate to your characters section within the app.
  2. Edit Character: Locate the specific character you wish to make private and tap on the edit icon, typically represented by a pencil icon.
  3. Adjust Visibility Settings: Scroll down to the bottom of the editing options until you find the visibility range setting.
  4. Set to Private: Change the visibility range to private to restrict access to only chosen contacts.
  5. Save Changes: Finalize the process by tapping the submit button to apply the new privacy settings.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your character on Linky AI Chat is set to private, offering a more controlled and secure environment for your interactions. Remember that the visibility range setting can be adjusted at any time to suit your preferences.

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