Lisa AI: Art, Magic Avatar - app overview

here's interesting app which is called Lisa AI art magic Avatar so this is a interesting app to generate avatars using AI technology and uh yeah so that's what you can do here uh meet our new feature magic Avatar we create photos that will get the most likes and interactions great unique profile pictures pad portraits date in photos professional photos and more you can create more than 10 styles from options available will generate 5 10 20 avatar so each class giving you 200 options you can select a style write a few words and so let's just open it up I'm just curious to explore if there is a free version here as it was in down AI app or you need to pay right away so which prompt will you use choose a style okay okay so there is unlock a limited access fast processing unlock 50 plus styles 29.99 per year after renewable cancel anytime so you can just do that and then uh yeah so here you can either turn words into art so for example you can write something like Forest and then uh yeah here you you can't do that without without upgrading or you can upload an image here uh select 8 to 16 photos so let's just do it so let's see what happens so here I have some photos I can just add those so then you can just select styles uh so yeah something like that and then uh yeah here you see that if you want to generate 100 unique avatars that will be 6.99 or 200 unique avatars 8.99 50 unique avatars 8.99 so just depends what you like and then you need to upgrade there is no free trial or free option in this app

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