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And this episode, we're going to talk about live in Live Peak app, so this is an app very interesting which can become actually a new social media. Yeah, and I will explain why. Why is that? I think just to my thought, because yeah, you can see that now. This app is surging and charts is like. Number one in charts in social networking category. And it says that life is just a widget. This allows you to send photos straight to recipients home screen. Here is how live in works. You send a picture to a specific person or group of people and the picture automatically shows up on their home screens. People can also respond to you with another picture to your home screen. What's new online is that you can search and follow strangers on the app and send photos and selected groups. For example, you can share a daily moments with your best friends. Get in your mantic with significant other and go creative with strangers. So that's like a whole new feature which makes this app different from. Other popular apps in this niche, such as Locket Region or not it widget. I might a lot of overviews about those apps and live in is also a great platform for influencers to connect with their followers in an intimate way. Fans who follow any influencer online will get a photo update on the home screen with a more private and personal touch. So that's also like super exciting because basically you can become like a home budget influencer. There is so much more in living. Thanks for having up on your phone. If you have any questions, please write your live peak widget at Gmail com. So I think yeah again, the top app in this category which really blew up in the. The top charts was locked to Egypt app back in February. I think this year. Is just one of the top charts and the the idea of the app is very straightforward that you just have this videos on iPhone. By the way, you have like a possibility to have videos on Android for years. Then after iOS 13 Apple added these widgets, meaning you can have some parts of your screen which are updated in real time from Azure apps and for example if you need to check out whether you don't need to go tap on the weather app icon, open the app, you can just see it without the tab updated in real time on your. Home screen and it's like very fast way to check it out and then there are like few apps like photos. You can see photos live updating or some even some games. So that's the feature. But locate widget introduced it like that. You can take a picture and send this picture to. And two other person and then that person in real time will see this picture update on their phone. So that's the functionality. Yeah, and then now that we just make it that you can send drawings to each other and there are like apps like we just pile and a few other apps in this category and all of them really took off and they all of them were like in top 100 social media apps in us. So that's very interesting development. This is like a completely new widget economy. So these are the apps which are really take off. And yeah, super exciting. So now this app is taken about all of these apps. I was just curious why because there were like so much clones like literally people cloning Locket. We just giving it the same name. Cloning noted widget name and it's exactly the same. I'm not even sure like how Apple Store can allow app with completely similar design like completely similar name to be approved in the App Store and people you know. And this app started to rise. To the top 100 apps. And yeah, because you as the core technology, I guess it's not that complicated, but of course like making it super focused in his heart. But making this we just update and sending pictures to each other since it's not that complicated and like hundreds of developers started to develop similar apps. But none of them actually like you know, went to the number one spot. But now this app did it's number one in social media about Instagram about Tiktok and I'm just curious why usually it doesn't happen. Just because usually if like social media app reaches number one spot in this category, is because there is really some interesting new feature which is not on Instagram. It's not on tick tock. It's not on YouTube or some other app, so this feature is basically this influencer approach that you can add each other. On the. Yeah, on the widget but not only France but also some strangers and you can follow other people and then if you follow some other peoples are pictures will be displayed on your video. So basically it's the same as on Instagram. You can become influencer, you can post your content people following you. People see your content but this content is just displayed in the video, not in the app, and you can see like you're following someone. You open your phone and just on the home screen you can see these photos. Lighting in the real time from other people, so that's something new. And that also the cool part is again that you can follow like some other strangers, some other people globally, not just adding like specific your friends from your contact book as you do in Locket picture, but follow everyone on the Internet. It's like a social media and then if you add them you will see their photos updated in real time in your widgets you can select which photos you want to see in widgets or not, so that's something new. And that's basically brings some kind of like Instagram to your home screen. Yeah, so that's that's kind of cool feature and I think it's like a new angle for the social media and I think you will see Instagram for sure. Probably tik T.O.K. Definitely exploring this opportunity. These videos that will be Instagram visits all of that will be there like people will be creating widgets and. Yeah, and basically using visits much more after this, I think because that's definitely a new way. A new technology, new technical insight which wasn't explored before. And why is that? Because yeah, people just don't want to make five tabs or three tabs like open phone, open Instagram app. Sometimes you need to log in or go to some specific tab inside of Instagram. Of search for some specific follower so like that can be like 2-3 tabs, but here in the app you just have that updated in real time in your widget. Yeah, and it's it's interesting. It's much more focused like an Instagram. You just see the endless feed here. You can have like 3 people can follow you. You have like 3 widgets and the photos are updated in real time. You don't even need to tap to refresh the feed feed. Doesn't update it for you, so like minimal movement so it's kind of like super super lazy way of getting the content. And I guess in most cases. Through the works, the Lazier is the approach. The better the last steps you need and effort you need to do the better. So it's definitely some interesting new way. Maybe it's something similar which you had with audio vibe like Remember Clubhouse when. So many people were. I like adding these audio rooms like first it was clubhouse and then Twitter added Twitter spaces like obviously Messenger added messenger audio rooms all the apps. Slack, discord, everyone. Just added some kind of form of audio chat. And now like I think more and more apps will be just adding this widget functionality in cases where it makes sense. Yeah, and it will go much more viral. Also, for example, if you take burial app, which is another growing social media. So is it basically sends you a notification once per day to post some random photo, but it also added a budget and then yeah it runs in the top charts. After that it was like it was in the most growing apps, but then it started to fight away the moment I added this widget opportunities that you can see just a real time photos updated on your home screen without need to do any action. After that the app actually exploded in popularity again. So this is just my 5. Plans what do you think? Feel free to check out my Mr Hack my personal blog Mr Hacker. This podcast subscribe. And yeah, what do you think? Let's discuss.

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