LiveIn LivePic - glitchy, doesn’t work, bugs - what to do?

i'm going here through this trending app live in live peak widget where you can create uh home screen widgets on iphone and then uh just send photos and then these photos will update in real time on on your home screens and you don't need to open like any apps it will be just real time on your home screen photos of your friends um so that's that uh super interesting app but there are a lot of ratings and still there are some kind of bugs so people write that this app work completely fine for 2 days and then just quit updating reinstalling widget an app doesn't work some people say that uh sometimes it's just glitchy also you can't be in the same account with two devices idea is here but it also saves images from other people to your camera all and it feels storage of your device some people can't log in so there are all kind of bugs bugs here uh very interesting app so as you can see there are like a lot of uh good reviews but some of them are just like uh there are some glitches and here and there so i would suggest just to constantly update the app because yeah there are so many apps like this popping up about this uh home widget idea and there are a lot of indie makers or small developers teams so make sure to reach out to support at live house at so you see they don't even have like a company email and also they also have like tiktok maybe or instagram and you can reach out them there if you have any any questions you can also write a review here maybe developers will reply also make sure your wi-fi or 3g 4g 5g is working fine you can restart your iphone phone try to reinstall the app and all of that so hope that is helpful

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