LiveIn LivePic Widget - FULL OVERVIEW

here is live in uh widget app it's going viral it's in top charts and social media category in us in many other countries the point of this app is that you can take photos and then you can send these photos to your friends home screens so yep so the question is how do you install this widget so let's just explore it together so here i have my account i can see my memories here i tap on the settings icon in top right and then i have widgets setting so here you you need to select all the people which you are following in the in the live in widget so you can just select them like this and then these are the people who will appear in the in your widget then you tap and hold app start jiggling you need to search for live in and here is the widget so you have four widget options small widget bigger widget three pictures four pictures so then you can just tap add widget here and there you have it and that's it so it's not possible to edit widget from here or create separate widgets no that's not how this app works so you just have this you follow people on the app so for example if i go somewhere to to the feed or like i can go to the following tab and these are all the people who i follow i can go to world tab and follow people from here and all the people who i follow will basically appear in that widget if i don't want to to people appear there i can just either unfollow them or i can deselect them here in widget setting because you know sometimes i still want to follow them in my feed but i don't want them to appear in my widget so that's basically that and then yep you install it so yep that's that's how it works definitely cool app it's it's very advanced you can of course also try locket widget or noted widget these are all cool apps

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