hello everyone so here is um a quick guide uh to installing live in widget on your phone i'll try to to cover though a lot of details here is the app and it's the top app to sharing you know this image widgets so you basically take a photo or upload a photo and then you can share it to your friends home screen but there are some issues with actually installing the widget here um so basically this is how it looks like this is the widget so i just posted some photo and there is actually a new feature is a duet and someone reacted but let's just go through the beginning so first of all i need to install the live in app so it should be installed and i should have an account then i need to tap and hold on any screen where i want to have live in installed so if you want to go to your home screen go to your home screen if you want to go to second or search screen go there then you can just tap and hold the apps then you just tap plus in the top right and then here is your live peak live in egypt now here sometimes actually quite often there is a bug that people search in the widget library and they can't find live in widget so as you can see i see it right now it also happened to me so how i solved that so basically if you just open live in app so just try to swipe it up like that and this is the way to restart the app so you don't need to turn off your phone or turn on again you don't need to restart your wi-fi or anything just try to restart the app and then just open app again and after that the widget should appear in the widget library so at least that what worked for me i don't know if it hopefully will solve the issue for you but for also for a lot of people it works just fine and you will be able to find this live peak widget here in your library and then there are like four widget sizes there is a small size just with one peak there is a huge size on the half screen then there is like three people and there are like four so let's just install the simple one so you can see the idea so here is the widget and here i will see all the photos from my followers from people i so not from my followers from people i follow on live in so basically imagine if you are on instagram you following someone and you see their pictures in your home feed here is the same you following people here and and then you can so this is all the profiles i'm following and then you can see there are photos in in your widget here in the setting there is an interesting widget setting which is actually very helpful you can select um your best friend from your following list and only the amount will be updated in your widget so here for example you know i can follow like 50 people but i don't want to see all their photos in my widget on my home screen so i can select all or i can deselect all and then i can just see specific photos here from specific people um so and then it will be updated in my widget i mean maybe it's just text time yeah so now you see the the the image from previous user wasn't displayed now only this image is displayed um so that's basically the idea here um yeah so that's that okay so to remove the widget i just tap and hold on it and then i can tap remove or i can tap and hold and the app start to jiggle and then i can remove as well so now let's check out what will happen if i install a larger widget so here it is i can just tap on it and then let's just install three three items so what what it happens then is just i see all the images from from three users not just from one user but from three users which i'm following and of course i follow like i want to see photos from five users so and then they will be i guess they will be switching and updating in real time we can also install like a larger widget and you can install multiple widgets so as you can so let's just install also this one so you can install that in case you really enjoyed that so then you can see even more pictures but bear in mind that like these widgets are draining your battery a lot and especially if you also use unlock it widget or some other widgets like weather news widgets like your battery even on your phones can go down pretty fast because this this widgets are like you know updating in real time so they consume this battery power so that's that um yeah and then you can just remove it as i showed you so that's the idea um that's that's how it works uh if you have any other suggestions or comments around this app just leave them in the comments below

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