LiveStatus: Share Your Life - HOW TO USE? EASY OVERVIEW

hey everyone so here is this interesting app called Live status share your life lock and home screen chat uh this is quite a popular app uh this is the first app that full integrates iOS 16 widget features into messages and livestocks you can send all types of messages including tax photos Emoji status and your drawings try to your friends lock and home screen when your friends see your updates on screens they can open the widget and say that send their messages back to your lock and phone screens five status offers an intimate and Innovative way for friends to chat and stay connected with each other so yeah this app is kind of a combination of locket videos if you heard about that app noted widget where you can send nodes here you can send notes here you can send photos and by just installing home screen widgets on your on your phone and also they just add in a lot of like Anonymous polling such as basically try to be like everything app uh yeah right now so here you can just create an account easily so you can allow notification you can give access to a camera then you can just add your home screen widget just by uh type in like tap and hold and then tap plus icon and then you can just add home screen oh sorry Live status yeah like that and then you have multiple widget widget small Peak and then for four widgets let's just start with the small and then you can just tap on it and then you will be redirected to Live status so here for example you can just take a photo choose your status that's the the sync with this app tap next and then send to you can send it to yourself or you can add friends here you can add a group and then just tap send and then basically you just send it so and then it will just appear here on the home screen widget for your friend for the person who you send it to or as you can see here is how it looks like also it will appear in the chat in the app yeah so you can then chat uh in the app as well and send photos and additional things here then also you can add this widget to lock screen and then you will be able to see the friend status right on your lock screen so that's another another feature here so let's just try it out so of course you can add a lock screen widget when you lock your screen but also what I'm doing just go to settings search for wallpaper from here you can just tap on customize add widgets and then you can search for Live status so here you can add status widget you can add get your friend status updates or you can just add like I want just add just status or like bigger status widget and then I can remove yeah so you can only add like two and then you can just customize it as you want and then you basically you will see it right on your lock screen meaning when your phone is locked you will just be able to see that widget and you don't need to you know to unlock your phone and then go to Live status app or go to specific home screen and then open it all up and yeah so here you can just see it like that so just tap done in the top right to save these settings yeah so that's the idea so then you have Live status here so that's basically the idea and then you can just message with Friends by the way how to add friends and then you can connect with friends just search for some friends here I think you can search by username and then you can just add them as an example okay there is some feature which is only available in us I guess and then yeah so that then there is your account if you tap in top left there are some settings you can save picture you can block users there is some Live status Pro membership if you want to delete your account you can do it from here you can add your phone number um yeah so that's basically the idea there are some widget settings but also so it means if you have a Live status widget you will receive updates from your friends um so you can select all or you can just select few friends so for example you don't want to receive all follows from all your friends because you have like 20 friends here you'll just have unlimited photos all the time so you just want to have photos from your close friend or from your girlfriend boyfriend and then you can just select from here just an example so it's pretty powerful app and again as you can see it kind of combines features of locket widget of noted of all these widget apps and it's you can do a lot of this stuff for free and in this app you can add unlimited friends for free you don't need to upgrade however there is an upgrade version I'm not sure like the Live status Pro so unlock all statuses and there is no watermark if you want to save it and it's only 299 per month or yearly 29.99 cancel anytime so it's not like some uh yeah complicated uh or like super expensive app but it's pretty powerful uh some people though still prefer locket widget because it's kind of simpler way like you just send photos there or like the all other people use noted widget where you just send drawings so it's kind of simpler here it feels a bit like too much in one app but if your friends are using it definitely a cool app um so yeah that's what it is um hope it is helpful

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