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Locals app overview - why was it acquired by Rumble?
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Grindr Web app explained
Grindr Web app explained

what is Locals.com? what is Rumble? why these apps are growing users superfast?


Hey, in this episode, let's talk about the app, which is called Locals.com.

So this is the app, which is kind of like Pat, but it's designed for right wing audience.

So you heard about Parler dot com, which was at viral Twitter like social media app similar to Twitter, which went viral during summer 2020, because this is where a lot of, like, right wing audience when the Twitter band Trump.

Basically, my social media apps like Facebook and Twitter become a bit hostile to the people with more conservative use and all of that. So that's why it created a new wave of apps which are focusing more on the more like right wing audience.

So one of the leading apps was Parlor. But then famously, it was kicked out of the App Store and Google Play Store and Amazon AWS decided not to support it with the servers and stuff. So it was really hard to bring it back at that scale, which that app had.

But then there was another and there was a bunch of other apps. So everyone tried to create some app which was amped in this audience. And one of these apps was Rumble. So Rumble was not like a Twitter app, but more like a Tik Tok for I twin people. So there were more like vertical videos where you can post, like a vertical video and then just some reactions and all of that.

So more video content. And it's growing pretty fast. And now the news is that Rumble Aquireslocals. Com, which is subscription by service for multimedia content and community. So it's basically like an only fans or maybe like Patreon.

So there is some content. There are communities, and there is also locked content. If you want to access that locked content, you need to subscribe to community, and you need to pay, like, $50 per year to access that communities. And all these communities are basically on the conservative on the right side of the political spectrum.

So that's that that's just a different model. And now Rumble gets that and acquires this platform. I'm looking for amount, but I think the amount is not disclosed. So there is just like a Press release. So buying Locals further samples mission of giving creditors and unprecedented autonomy over their work while providing audiences with quality content.

Ramble is already one of the most respected independent and privately owned companies in the online video sharing platform industry. Acquiring Locals is part of Rumble's brother effort to build a greater economy that fosters creative independence. That's from their press release from October 26. And Locals Dot com was founded just in 2019. It's a Florida based platform that empires independent content creators to publish their content and make money from subscriptions.

The craters usually are well known people in the conservative right side political spectrum of United States.

So on the Locals dot com app, again, it looks like Twitter, but then the main focus there is that there are these communities so you can create also your community, which is basically like a Facebook group. And you just follow all these communities on different topics. They are not only politics, there are different kinds of topics there, and some of the posts in the Locals dot com app are just locked. So to access these posts, you just need to pay subscribe and usually it's like $50 per year.

Locals Rumble handshake places or add Locals button on every Rumble video indicating that the creator is a local creator. And therefore if you watch video on Rumble, then you can just support this creator on locals. Com.

We are excited to see locals continue our growth and vision as part of Ramble. Together, we are building a new ecosystem for creators, said ASAP Lao, who is CEO of Locals. Becoming part of Rumble will give Locals creators new opportunities to expand their audiences while retaining control of their data. Both Rumble and locals believe in the importance of a London craters to express their opinions, interact with their supporters and make money from subscription so that's that so that's interesting. And you can see that this area of, like right wing social apps actually is growing pretty fast, and this is like it's called antivoke like culture platforms, and this niche probably will continue to grow.

And recently there was an announcement of new apps, which is called True Social, which is kind of a new Trump app, and Trump also tries to release not only that, but also like some streaming services and new service under this new umbrella, which is called Tmtg Group, so that's that so that's just an update. Checkoutlockovs dot com app. Check out Rumble app. I also create video overviews on my YouTube channel YouTube. Comfyhack and visit my website Mr.

Hack to discover more details about these apps.

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