Lock Launcher - screen widgets - full app overview & how to use

hey everyone so here is an interesting app called lock launcher screen widgets so let's just install it and see how it works of course probably you heard about vegetable we just missed like dozens of other uh widget apps uh but uh yeah this is one of those and I think this is one specifically iOS 16 lock screen widget apps you can add anything on the lock screen and launch it instantly with just one touch it perfectly supports Wireless apps we just started casting custom URL schemes home screen widgets with transparent background favorite support group management after refresh start live activity and dynamic island with shortcut automation lock screen text features supports custom launcher and tags so anyhow let's just open it up and then I didn't use it before but there you have it so you have group you have for example WhatsApp Instagram and I can just add it to the um to the lock screen so here as I understand I have two widgets I can just add it to widget so here I have um serial color widget or I have text widget so I can just see it here so circular widget and then I can discover more apps so here for example system settings I can add like location Wi-Fi Bluetooth cellular cellular data hotspot all of these things then I can just add news um a Launchpad Dynamic battery it's like pretty Advanced here and then there are all the settings um but anyhow here is the widget and then for example I have this widget um choose action WhatsApp I have a this video I can all write [Music] so yeah this is how you can just basically install it so okay add to lock screen widget one and then I have it and then circular widget Instagram test run and then it will just basically open Instagram as you can see okay so that's we got that idea and then uh I can also add it like as a home icon or anyhow and then you can read all all of the descriptions and then basically here you can just add add these widgets uh to to your lock screen so this is all about lock screen widgets meaning you need to have ir16 or later and then you will have this feature available uh you can do really advanced stuff with the lock screens here you can also add like home screens and all these additional things but anyhow let's just try to set up a lock screen so here I have wallpaper for example I can just also do it from the settings app I don't need necessarily go to my lock screen and then from here I can just tap customize and then I will be able to customize my lock screen um so yeah let's just write a bit oops something is lagging why is that so settings and then wallpaper so I don't know maybe they just uploading updating the list of pictures or something like that so it just takes some time or yeah sometimes it's just a bit cloudy in this scenario you can also just lock your screen and then proceed from there from your locked screen so you can try that as well then just type customize and then you will be able to add this widget from Lock launchers it's pretty Advanced app I would say I think it's one of the most like you know Advanced apps for the lock screens and then for example you want to add some like action and there are already all of it here so for example you can add chat GPT open AI lock screen widget um hot apps which you can you can open Google photos cash app Facebook Messenger like from your lock screen and then just organize it into different groups and from all these different groups you can just add them to your lock screen I'm just curious so here you can also add them as a log as a home screen icon um yeah so yeah but I would just also like to show you how it looks here but for some reason it's just not loading properly okay so as you can see one of the screens has been loaded and finally this one is loaded so I can just tap customize and I can just add widgets and then here I tap lock launcher and then finally I have you know widget one which we just set up which is 356. a dynamic battery Dynamic second hand [Music] so yeah just set up fidget one and then I instantly see a link to my Instagram so when I will just save it like this and tap done in the top right I will be instantly opening Instagram lock screen widget so there you have it that's basically an idea and I can I guess can I move it around I can change font and color I can again choose top widget I can add like a custom text so all this stuff is available from IOS 16 is pretty it's a new area where you can you know experiment with your phone and a lot of people like it because it just makes uh opening apps and doing other things much faster like instead of you know going to the screen even if you're opening up his face ID it's like and then you need to click on Instagram icon go to your account go to specific photo or something like that here you just instantly can do it with one tab or just you can have some motivational quotes with one tab or like your Fitness activity so it's pretty cool but anyhow I'm not gonna save it yet but so I think you got some ideas how you can play around um so that's basically that and then you can also um add some live activities uh in your Dynamic Island it's pretty cool I never did that before so here for example you can see there are some live activities uh so yeah something around that I hope at least some of this clarified assumption for you and thank you for watching

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