Locket app - CANT ADD EMAIL

Recently, users of the Locket app have been facing an issue where they are unable to add their email addresses. One user, in a video transcript, highlighted the problem with LocketWidget, mentioning that some individuals were also unable to change their email addresses once they managed to access the app.

To address this bug and effectively change your email address within the Locket app, users are urged to follow these steps:

  1. Visit LocketWidget and attempt to add or change your email address.
  2. If unsuccessful, try entering your password to facilitate the process.
  3. If the issue persists, navigate to the app and select "report a problem."
  4. Provide your email address along with a description of the encountered issue.

If you encounter difficulties in creating an account or resolving the email address problem, you can seek further assistance through the following channels:

  • Visit the support page on the app store for additional guidance.
  • Explore the support options available on the Locket.camera website.

It is evident that there may be technical glitches with the Locket app causing these inconveniences. By following these suggestions and seeking support through the recommended channels, users can potentially resolve the issue and enjoy seamless functionality of the app.

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