Locket app stopped working - can’t add an email

Recently, many users have been facing a frustrating issue with the Locket app. After the latest updates, the app seems to have stopped working properly. Specifically, a new pop-up has been appearing on the screen, blocking access to all other features. Users, particularly those on iOS, are experiencing difficulties adding an email address, which is now a required step for signing into their accounts.

Upon encountering the pop-up, users are prompted to add an email address to their account. However, even after entering an email, they receive an error message stating that the email couldn't be verified. The message suggests checking device cell reception and mentions the possibility of high demand, advising to try again later. Surprisingly, some users have reported encountering the same error for consecutive days, leaving them perplexed about the cause of the problem.

Interestingly, it appears that Locket has recently rolled out significant updates for its widget features, particularly focusing on video calls. Users now have the ability to send video messages alongside the existing options of photo messages. While this is an exciting development, it seems that some users, like the one in the video transcript, are unable to benefit from these new features due to the app not working.

Unfortunately, it is unclear when a solution will be available for this issue or how to resolve it. Users affected by the problem are eagerly waiting for Locket to address the matter and restore the app's functionality. In the meantime, it is hoped that the problem will be resolved promptly so that users can continue using Locket without any interruptions.

If you have come across a solution to this problem or any insights on how to resolve it, please feel free to share your suggestions in the comments section. Together, we can help each other navigate through this issue and hopefully find a resolution soon.

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