Locket error - TOO MANY ATTEMPTS - what you can do?

um so sometimes when you try to sign up to locate widget app it's there is an error lock it to many attempts or like lock it couldn't send code to many attempts um yeah so this is quite a common bug if you go through app reviews like the developers knowledge that there is a bug like that um so yeah what you can do basically yeah just make sure to update to the latest version of the app because they they were promising should be fixed quite uh soon and what do the developer stat is actually that there is some issue with some with their SMS partner I don't know what they're using twilio or I don't know which service but there is some issues that service so whatever what you can do like you can just of course just try with another phone number you can make sure you're on the latest version of locket widget you can reach out to their support also if you don't have another phone number you can use apps like text now or textPlus or just Google how to get a second phone number and you try to use that app however there is also not not guaranteed that it will work with that another number but it might so there is a small chance if you really want to try a locket widget app yeah just try another number um but another thing is that like your contacts uh in locket widget are synced from your phone book so if you're using like is you know like your mom's phone number something like that yeah then as your friends you will have uh these contacts in your phone book so yeah this is quite an annoying bug it's not quite common but there is a very small percentage of users which have that

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