Locket Recap 2022 - how to create?

here's a look at the widget app so how to get locket recap 2022 so just tap on your profile in top left and here just under your profile name you have locket rewind tab where you can just tap and then you will see the video automatically generated of all your lockets and then you can just see some stats like here's your locket um you can see a list of your friends I I mean I don't use locket app a lot but yeah this year you added one best friend and you shared 16 lockets together so something like that here's the 2023 and that's it and then you can actually share it you can watch it again you can easily share it on Instagram Tick Tock Snapchat save it to your device you can also edit it you can pick photos pick people change speed uh um big people everyone just mine big photos and then yeah if you don't like some photos you can just choose them it's pretty cool it's kind of similar features you have Spotify wrap that's kind of like end of the year overview of all your lockets

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