Locket widget - Already on Locket 💛 - what does it mean?

If you're a Lockit user, you might have noticed a yellow heart icon with the message "Already on Lockit" next to some of your contacts. But what does it mean, and how can you use it?

When you create a Lockit account and start connecting with your friends, you might notice that some of them already have Lockit accounts. These are the contacts that will show the yellow heart icon next to their name.

So, what happens if you tap on the yellow heart icon? You will be given the option to add that contact on Lockit directly, without sending them an invitation link through other platforms like Snapchat or Instagram DMs. This makes it much easier to connect with your Lockit-using friends, especially if they're already using the app and just waiting for you to add them.

To add a friend on Lockit through the yellow heart icon, simply tap the "Add" button that appears next to the contact's name. Lockit will then send a suggestion to that contact, letting them know that you're on the app and would like to connect with them. If they accept the suggestion, you'll be able to start messaging, sharing photos, and using all the other features Lockit has to offer with that friend.

In conclusion, the yellow heart and "Already on Lockit" message mean that a contact on your phone already has a Lockit account. By tapping the yellow heart and adding that contact, you can easily connect with them on Lockit without having to send an invitation link through other platforms. This makes it simple and straightforward to use the app with your friends, so you can start sharing moments, photos, and messages on Lockit today.

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