so today we're gonna talk about really amazing app which is called locket widget so this app is really going viral right now in the app store it went viral on tick tock i will show you all the details how to use it there are a few bugs let's let's explore how to avoid them yeah so let's just dive right into that so here is the app uh you can find it by searching locate widget uh there are a bunch of apps locket widget art low lock it lock it so this is the correct name and the correct app and the developer is matumos so that's how you can find it and currently it's in the top charts in social networking which is actually crazy so you can see in the united states it's about facebook messenger whatsapp uh this app went viral on tick tock uh and yeah it's got like i think hundreds of thousands of downloads maybe even more okay it's just my subjective shots but i i think that will be at least that uh and this app is the features that shows you live pictures from your friends right on your home screen it's like a portal to the people you care about a little glimpse at what their apps throughout the day here's how it works when a friend sends you a peek it instantly appears in your locket widget on your home screen to send a response tap the widget take a peek and send it to your friends home screens it feels like magic when your locket updates with something new and then you can also see the picture of all your lockets and then uh you can add up to five friends on the app you can reach out to support a team at locketcamera.com so in this video i will show you all the steps all the way about with this app and so far what i've learned how to use it so basically this is the app this is how you open but let's just start from the beginning i will try to sign in and create an account so i just tap in top right and sign out you really want to sign out just sign up so this is how the app looks like the the start screen the home screen what you need to do is just set up my locket then you need to add your phone number it is not possible to sign in using apple google facebook email or anything like that you can sign in with your phone number and you can use any country you like so it's not only limited to us or canada so that's pretty cool or uk because some some apps like you know they just went in the beginnings they're just only available in few countries uh so that's cool that you can enjoy this app uh and then i just enter my mobile number and then i should receive a six digit code by the way really amazing feature from ios here i really like that uh yeah you can just get this code right away so there you have it then here is the app this is how it looks like uh it's just very minimalistic design and i like it so then you have in top left your friends uh you can add four more people in the bottom you will see send requests so for example i want to add some new friend and then i just tap add and then this is how it looks like then i can just send new imessage uh download the app to accept uh so that's basically it uh so they need to install the app and uh they will see like a friend request i guess or something like that and then you you can see all your send requests here uh and then you can uh cancel as well so if you think uh you send around requests you can just tap here to remove if you remove your friend request you can always uh like or sign again so that's a cool feature i understand that's a nice idea to limit his five friends because other apps like clubhouse or some yeah there are multiple examples when in the beginning they limited a bit of number of users because this app can just explode and i don't know it will be non-manageable but okay it's just my thoughts but five friends seems enough just to play with the app so then you can see your send requests and what you do you can just uh take a photo here so try uh then yeah but you need for someone to really accept this friend request and then uh you can take a picture and turn it into their home screen you can enable here flashlight then you can just change the screen uh yeah so that's basically that and then uh what your friends need to do is just uh tap and hold and then also install locket app and search for locket widget so this is the locate widget uh it's only available at the moment in this shape so there is this is a small widget there are like medium large widgets for other apps or multiple combinations here is this just what it is so then you just add widget and there you have it so what happens on this widget basically the photos your friends send to you they will instantly appear on this widget so that's pretty cool so you don't need to go to any app or just open like you know facebook or send your photos via whatsapp to your friends your peeks will instantly appear on your friends home screens and you just open your phone and you just instantly see them so that's a real nice like workaround to see the peaks of your friends in real time so that's basically how it works yep and then then yeah if you want you can just remove the widget that's easily done here uh what else here yeah i can just change the screen there is some guidance here how to add the widget that's it uh so that's also pretty handy oops so yeah i'll just open it up again um um and the app is really minimalistic as i said there is nothing extra um so that just should work also in the bottom you see history so you will see all your previous lockets sent here you can change their view you can share them i think and uh so that's that's basically how it works uh but there are a few bugs actually with this app because i think the app is developed not like a big corporation but like a small team i guess so first you you can't just some people can't sign into to lock it widget app uh so what to do you can try just you know swipe swipe up uh the app and this is the way to reload it uh try that try to reset your wi-fi connection try to update the app just go to the app store and like you know tap update so you can do that then another question is like is locate widget available on android no it's not so it's only for ios so i tried to find it on android it's not there uh it's also not available as a web app so you can go to the website look at the dot camera but it's not available there so if you want to contact support you can go to locket.camera slash help or you can uh go to help at localcamera.com email and then if you want to delete your account uh if you want to like yeah delete your data you can just do that help lock it camera.com and just write to them also some people on reddit uh in the privacy feed they just discovered that there are some really strange stuff in the in the terms of uh in toc how it's called like terms of service uh [Music] yeah so if you go to i will just show you your the camera i don't know uh so yeah you can go here in the privacy so here in the bottom you can read to london read any peek sent through the app belongs to the company and it can be used as they want uh so that's that's a bit weird uh so yeah if this app really scales and it has like millions of users that's uh yeah if you read their privacy policy or tocs there are some like pretty creepy stuff or something like that so but maybe it was just a standard agreement uh that developers created and maybe it will be changed in the future but just like i wouldn't worry that much at this moment but if this app really scales i think there should be some changes here but for now this is not the main thing with the app uh there are like few requests uh people are asking in the in the app store reviews so you can just go through them uh like some of the main review was that you couldn't be able to create an account or sign up a few days ago but then if you just update the app is fixed so i wasn't able to add my phone and then just verification text like never came or there was like a pop-up like you you can't sign in or something like that but seems now it is working um so yeah yeah another scene like can you send only photos or videos i think it's only photos at the moment can you send pictures from your camera roll no it's not possible you can only take pictures which you just took right now so that's also another scene like small feature a lot of people like to have because like you took a photo and then you can send it but if you took a photo in your camera roll you wouldn't be able to send it to your friends some people are asking to leave small drawings or not similar to snapchat and instagram stories ui or text feature it's not available yet because obviously this app is just focusing on photos it's not for the notes uh and another scene uh is also that uh yep so some people also writing that there are issues with adding friends or the photos feed not updating so some friends are getting your photos other friends are not getting photos and vice versa um but also one other major request is that uh people want to send different pictures to individual friends and have different videos for separate people i think that would be really cool feature is and if there is already a way to do that and i'm missing it would be greatly appreciate if someone helped me figure that out this person writes uh so as i understand at the moment it is not possible to add separate widgets as i just i've shown to you before um so it's it's not possible there's only one widget but people would like to have like different widgets for your five friends so you should have john jackie you would have like john widget jackie widget and then you just get photos from different photos from john and jackie for example or vice versa uh is there a way to send different pictures to individual friends uh so you want to uh yeah uh to select in the locket widget app i want to send a picture only to jackie but not to everyone so at the moment this this doesn't seem to be there maybe i run just correct me so there is no option to to select to who i want to send it uh so that's that i also just sent requests but nobody accepted me yet but so i'm just explaining like it is uh but yeah at the moment it's not possible to send like individual specific pictures to separate friends so your friends will just receive a feed of your photos which you send to all of your friends so it will be just like a rss feed like you know of all your photos uh which you sent to john jackie michael and all of that they will just appear in one feed to everyone so that's that but overall i think this is an amazing app people call it genius idea i am actually quite surprised that google photos or apple photos couldn't figure it out that people like this feature and i think the technical insight here is that after ios 13 of 14 there is a an opportunity of these widgets where people can just add widgets directly on their home screen on iphone of course this feature was for a long time on android but now that you have that it's really cool thing to either put some like stock prices i don't know cryptocurrency prices or just photos and then it makes it's much more fun with this app so thank you for watching uh hope you enjoyed this overview definitely go and get this locket widget app uh yeah support my tmos uh and amazing app a definitely cool app to try out either with your friends or with a girlfriend to send her updates or visit is your partner anyone it's a really cute app uh visit my website mr hector check out my podcast about cool apps and software on spotify and see you in the next video check out my blog mr hakio and my podcast i guess see you in the next videos bye

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