hello so here is app just called locket widget it's in the top charts in the app store right now and i will try to try to explain you why and why it's super cool idea so you just create this app their account in this app and then what you need to do you need to add up to five friends i don't know that if you can add more but at the moment you can add up to five friends just tap in top left and then add new friend then you can just send your friend like an imessage with the link to create an account uh you are you can add only friends from your contact list so it's not possible to have like a you know or friends inside of the app it is only possible to add friends from contact list on iphone and then you can just add them and then how it works you need to add uh or ask your friends as well to add a widget so just tap and hold and then uh just search for locket and then here is the widget look at live peaks from your friends on your home screen and just tap add widget and then there you have it it says no peeks yet so when your friends will send you pictures of themselves or any other pictures to you these pictures will automatically appear here and vice versa if you send pictures of you or your activities to your friends your pictures will appear on their phones so that's pretty cool and then i can just take a picture here but okay it notifies me try adding a friend first once a friend requests your friend request you can take a picture and set it to the home screen so that's the idea then you have account you see here how to add the widget hold down any app tap the plus icon search for rocket and add the widget in other apps which is actually pretty big but here there is only one size of the widget so yeah there you have it then also in the bottom you can see your history of sand pictures i don't have any yet then there are three dots which you can add it here then there is your app you can change the location the um you can add a flashlight and just take photos so that's basically that but it's super fun and it's quite popular right now it's in the top charts so definitely nice way to to you know have fun either with your friends or loved ones and just yeah explore all of the uh different uh yeah different fun and just cool idea i think it's nice so that's the app uh in case you have any questions or comments just leave it in the below at first there was an issue i couldn't add my phone number to this locket widget app i don't know what happened but then i think after updating the app this uh this finally works so now you can create your account easily just by adding your mobile number and just verifying your phone number and adding your name and all of that so that should work

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