hello everyone so here is uh which is going viral and i try to do a quick explanation uh if you don't understand how this app works and how to use it and all of that so here is the app the idea is very simple that you can add widget of this app to your phone and your friends which you can add unlock it widget can add widget to their phone and then basically when you open logit widget app you take a picture you select which front you want to send it to and then you send it picture to that front and that picture appears in a widget on their home screen so that's basically the idea um yeah and this simple concept is like super popular right now you you can ask why i mean because it's like it's super simple you don't need to go to open your whatsapp or messenger or anything and yeah you just have pictures from your friends update in real time on your home screen so here is the app here is the original locate widget app this is how it looks like i already created an account you can create an account with your phone number so some people are complaining that there is no like email option or stuff like that but that's it then you tap in top left you can add friends how to add friends super easy you just give access to your iphone contacts and then you can just search basically through your contacts and then just tap add and you will be able to add friends from there just by sending them a text and all of that you can add maximum up to 10 people at this moment so if you want to send pictures to more friends i'll it's not possible at this moment so yeah then you just added them here and then um yep also make sure to install the widget to install the widget tap and hold the app app start to jiggle search for locket here it is you can add small widget or big widget so it doesn't matter which one you like here it is it will be displayed here and then uh when you added a friend and friend accepted your request you can just take a picture you can enable flashlight you can change the direction of the camera you can just take a photo in the bottom you can select and one your friends to who you want to send it to at the moment i just have one friend like at the test contact so it just says one but i can unselect it i can scroll right or left and then select other friend and send it to that so that's a cool feature of locate widget that you can send specific picture to a specific friend uh before in this app it was that you take one picture and you can only send to everyone so people who are a bit annoyed because you don't want to send the same picture to your family and friends and colleagues and all of that now it's just possible to send different pictures of different people then you just tap on this paper plane icon and there you have it you just send the picture then you can go to history uh of your pictures you can select and filter by which pictures you send to which friends you can also delete photo you send uh it is also possible to comment on that photo i also think it is a new feature so it you will just comment and send the text to that friend like hey what's up what a cool picture or something like that you can also just direct uh to that picture or yeah and then you will receive that your friend will receive that traction it's also possible to share a photo from locket widget just using your button uh you can also then i don't know change the view or you can save the photo so all of that you can do and then there is your account um there is your yeah there are some guys how to add a widget you can always reach out to support or send some feedback if you want to team advocatecamera.com and that's basically it um so that's the app it's very simple it's very straightforward and it's just focuses on that so the common questions are like it is locked widget app on android yes it is uh however for example on android you can't send specific pictures to specific people and there are still quite a few bugs here and there on android then um yeah there are still some glitches uh here as well on ios but yeah app is constantly updated so just make sure to update the app and then some other issues like you you can send videos you can't send notes or drawings or text here so just live photos uh you can't upload pictures so that's a bit of limitations but on the other hand it's pretty cool because uh if you want to upload videos or upload photos or some notes you can also try not it widget app you can also try live in live live peak there is also a widget pile up so there are a bunch of apps in this category right now um [Music] all of them are there so yeah basically here is the widget if my friend sends me some photo i will just see this photo updating here on the home screen i can just move this widget around from different screens i can add another widget for another friend like that but actually i don't know if you can just have a uh just widget for one friend and have like different photos displayed on different widgets probably not uh you will just still receive all your photos in one widget so that's basically it so that's the app give it a try it's it's very like you know minimalistic very nice design and it's just does this job well so definitely cool app to hang out with friends or your loved ones or you know just have fun

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