Locket Widget App ToS look scary - is it SAFE?

so as you know locket widget camera app is going wireless right now um but i just stumbled this subreddit in the in privacy subreddit uh and then uh yeah so this is an app where you can place a digital new iphone some home screens it changes to the last picture you have added on the locket apps and it's pretty fun and cute but theo's terms of services are scary so if you go to the number three in there it says many of our services let you create upload posts and receiving store content when you do that you return whatever ownership rights and that content you had to begin with but you grant grant us a license to use that content how broad that license is depends on which services you in the settings you have selected for all content you submit to the service your grant locket and rfid a worldwide relatives license to host store cash use display reproduce publish analyze transmit and distribute that content this license is for the purposes of operating and developing this license includes a right for us to make your content available to and pass this right along to service providers with whom we have contractual relationships related to the provision of the services while we are not required to do so we may access review screen and delete your content at any time and for any reason including to provide and develop the services or if you think your content wireless is terms so to loan didn't read any peak you send through the app belongs to the company and it can be used as they want like but of course this is just in the in the like very broad terms but i don't know [Music] the app is currently is currently booming in my country i hope they read it someone says it looks incredibly creep but so [Music] yeah but i don't know if it's because the company this app at the moment i think is just one developer so maybe it's just some standard tocs uh but yeah probably in future if this app really is going viral for a long time probably they will need to change that because yeah it's it's there are some a bit of red flags here but overall it's an amazing app so definitely give it a try to work out fidget up

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