so here is locate widget app and there is a common bug that sms code is not arriving and you can see it in the app reviews that people just writing had enough don't release updates if you are not fixing the code problem so yeah so high apologies that you're having difficulties we are aware that for a handful of people the tax code is not working we are in touch uh with our sms partner to try and fix this issue i hope we have this fixed for you soon so it worked for me uh i'm in denmark it worked for majority of people everywhere in the world but for some numbers the text code needed to create an account is not arriving and therefore you just can't create an account basically in locate widget didn't receive a code uh send trump later nothing works so some people just can't sign up so basically i tried putting my number and it wouldn't send me the tax code but uh it sent my sister haircut and we have the same number just one number different like what's going on uh doesn't work so there seems to be some issue uh yeah that didn't receive my code message so much fun awesome people who sign up really like it uh um so that's that uh perfect app but yeah this is the main issue right now and as you can see they're really in touch with a lot of like their partners working on sms feature that for some people you don't get like the tax code sms code and never got the verification text i tried to redownload the app try again but after that didn't work and reach out to app support after sending them an email and a follow-up ending while i got no reply why have an app support if you don't respond i'd like to speak with someone to work out issue and no verification code so that's this is the main issue the main bug right now and you see you can reach out to app support you can try out and maybe they just won't reply to you but as like as i read in the beginning of the videos they're working on it so just make sure to update app um and follow the updates here on app store maybe try android app maybe try different phone number so what else you can do like you can download an app which is called text now or there are a bunch of apps like that that's what worked for me so get this app text now probably you need to upgrade and as a test solution for this problem try to create an account and try to create a like a test phone number in the app you just call text now or text plus or some other apps so yeah just try to do that and then try to enter the number which you created in text now app to the locket widget so here and then that should be working at least it kind of worked for me for a while so maybe it will work for you just as a temporary solution if nothing works for you so yeah again you can see this the issue tried few times i delete the app or install but it won't work again what the developer respond is saying make sure the country code at the start of your number is correct for example if you leave in the us it would be plus one in the case that this doesn't fix it this is an issue we are currently working on and hope to have fixed soon we hope this helps phone number not accepted um uh so that's that uh alternatively they would be just great an option to sign up his email but that also uh i don't think they have this option and you can't also sign up is apple id or google or facebook or snapchat like you have in other apps and if you don't basically receive verification code for your mobile it means you can just sign up so that's for sure is an issue but hope hope it is helpful like that if you have fixed that or maybe there is a solution later please comments below this video

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