so it is locked widget up here um and um the question is what if i want to add uh photos from my camera roll uh from my gallery not just by taking a photo and unfortunately you can't do that so you you can just take a current photo uh you can change lighting you can create lockets but you can't add photos from from your gallery so yep and that's what it is yeah unfortunately you can't do that and there are other apps like noted widget where you can try to add that um there is live in widget other apps so yeah mainly live in or noted where i would recommend if you need to add existing photos but yeah at the moment it's it's not being released you can always sign up here to try new features early there is like a form where you can sign up and you can have access to some early features fast and then yeah and then maybe in the quick release in a future release they will include that feature other than that um i don't know the timeline is it will be released it is planned to release or they just want to keep locate widgets very live live to the moment and only have that like you know that you take your photo and you send it so yeah

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