Locket Widget - can’t find the widget. Here is what to do

Hello, everyone. I created a video about Locket Widget app which doesn't work sometimes, and there are just some small bugs. Otherwise, the app is just really amazing. The top issue here is that that you can download the app and create an account with a phone number, but then you unable to find the widget. Anyone else?

A lot of people reported this problem. Here is some helpful reply. It says, "I managed to get it working by taking a picture on the app and sending it to my friends." So I figured out if you had your screen locked, it wouldn't work. But as soon as I turned it off, it worked. I read it online and now it comes up.

Basically, if you have your screen locked, it wouldn't work. But then it can work again if you unlock your screen or just delete the feature to lock the screen, as I understand. So try this up, maybe that can help you.

Of course, you can always try to just restart your phone, try other Wi-Fi connection, all the standard support issues. You can also reach out to them help@locketcamera.com. So try these steps, maybe it helps.

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