Locket Widget CHAT BUTTON

here is locket widget app and did you know that there is actually a chat feature uh in the locket widget so if you go to history you will see all your previous photos i just sent like some test lockets here and then you can just tap chat [Music] here so yeah depending like you know on the friends and like uh i do not if they see the speeches or something like that or if they are online sometimes i just see like this chat button and sometimes yeah i don't see it um so do you know anything about it uh like why is this chat button appears there can you send the amps can you message someone in this videos or is this some upcoming feature i don't know so as you can see i just seen that that button and then it disappears so basically i think i started to see it after i just updated to the locket widget version 1.2 um so that's that's something like that um so yeah now that's uh okay it's just not loading for some reason but there you have it after i updated for to lock it widget 1.2 it started yeah version 1.2 it started to show up this chat button and then it just replaces with the share so it would be cool to have also chatting feature but what do you think

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Tkinter Tutorial #5 | How to create a button in Tkinter
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