hello everyone so here's locket widget app so if i tap on my profile and sign out you surely want to sign out and then it says set up my locket um and then for some people actually you need to verify a number but for some people it just doesn't accept uh your phone number um so yeah basically i don't know then what you can do like one of the things you can try to do is just go to locket widget app and then try to reach out to their support uh because you you can't reach out support if you're in the uh yeah if you're in the not if you can't access the app itself so once again let's just me show you so if i just go to lock it widget and then tap here on app support this is where um yeah this is where you can just email them and just help at locatecamera.com and so something like that you can try this and yep hope that will work out

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