Locket widget or LiveIn widget - which app is better? When to use?

hello in case you can't decide which app is the right one if you want to select locket widget or you want to select live in live peak so you can see that these are two most popular widget apps in this category so live in live peak locket widget so i tried to use both apps i did extensive video overviews on these two apps and in this video i'll try to share my view which app you need to use when so let's start with locket widget here is the app you create an account with your visual phone number and this app is actually really cool i like it a lot it's very focused so it has like one feature where you can take a photo and then you can send it to one of your friends so that's it you can take videos you can't create notes um and like yeah and so that's basically the the app like in live in you can take photos if you type and hold you can also take videos you can also draw something so drawings are also available you can also upload from camera roll here on the top right you can do that in the in the locket widget you can't do all of it so here this is what you can do you can also zoom in or zoom out in as well you can also do that in locket widget you can also focus here so that's you can do in live in live peak so yeah just double tap you can also do that in lock it widget so yeah that's that's the idea um so as you can see in live in live peak widget you have just more features so it's not only photo you can upload photos you can add drawings um then here's lock it widget again and then you can let's see how you can add friends so you can add friends but you can only add 10 friends in rocket widgets so there is a limit on french which you can add and yeah only 10 people there is a limitation it was five people in the beginning then it's now it's 10 people uh in live in there is unlimited number of friends you can add so i you see i added some people there is no limitation no text anywhere that you uh that that's basically that you have also contacts uh um you can sync your contacts and basically if you add someone and someone adds you then you're considered friends in life in life big widget so it's a bit different so that's that yeah overall like for people who don't know what i'm talking about it's like these are the apps where you can add a widget so for example locket i just added and here you can see an overview and basically if my friend sent me pictures from camera i will receive them in this widget and it is updated real time i don't need to open the app or anything it just can be on my home screen updated in real time and that's it so that's like actually really really cool that's why this app is are getting viral then you can also add live in widget here you can see just more widgets there is smaller there is bigger one there are like three people there are four people which you can add so that's the idea so but overall yes this looks pretty similar also the next feature is that um [Music] yeah that yeah you need to know as well that the battery can go down pretty fast uh in this widgets um if you're using a lot of widgets uh then uh then yeah like if you're using a lot of them your battery can really reduce in capacity uh like quite fast even on the newer phones so i i have an older phone but i noticed if if you're using a lot of features suddenly like your charge is not going like in 24 hours of active use or something like that it's much less hours because all these switches are eating a lot of battery but anyhow so then you can just added these widgets you can move them around so yep so this part is quite similar then uh another issue about live in widget is that it is more like a social media so here you can add friends by their username searching around the app so you can just search by username you can follow someone and then someone can follow you back and your friends and if you are following someone it means that you can receive their content in your widget so here if in live in app if you just go to widget setting you can see all these people you are following and then you can see all of their uh updates and then you can select which people you want to appear in your video so it is not possible to do in lock it widget and lock it widget this is only 10 people and this is only like uh yeah this is kind of private conversation so you have your friends you have your 10 friends and you have one widget for all your 10 friends so that's it you can you can't create like uh specific videos for specific friends and you will have all these pictures from all these friends appearing in your widget and that's it so but you can't follow more than 10 people you can add like hundreds of people and then select dislike them so that's basically the idea in live in life peak this is more like a social media you know it's kind of it gets on this idea of becoming widget instagram where you can share your photo as you can see here some text test photo i can share it not only to my friends or me i can just send it to my followers not just friends and i can also make it public share it to the world by the way i can also just write something here and add text to photos so that's pretty cool so i can do that and yeah so that's the idea it's all my point is live in is more like a social media so you have moments you can check out the like pictures from other people you can select them you can follow them so something something around it you can see uh all the details uh like what people are posting uh some of their overviews you can like you can comment you can follow so something like that which is like pretty cool so it's more like a social media and imagine if you're starting to get like thousands of followers on this app you can really build your brand and influence so it's kind of similar to instagram on widgets uh like unlock it widget again it's very it's focused on your private communication with your friends there is no option to become like an influencer and get followers from third party people from other people so that's that so these are main points uh these are main overviews of the app how it looks like how to use them so yeah overall my summary would be that locket widget is a great app very focused and very minimalistic if you want to get started with widgets it just has one this feature which works really well if you want to take photos and send it to your friends that's it and this app is for private communication with your friends with maximum 10 people it's like friends and family colleagues your partner and that works really well you can zoom in you can zoom out you can you know just do like add flash right all of that so do basic features but this works really well without good major glitches and issues and like the app works and uh it kind of does the job but when you are more like uh you know on the more advanced level and you understand what these switches are how they work and you want to build more influence and become more advanced and you also want to send not only pictures but also notes and you know all of these other additional features you can add text on your photos um and yeah become a creator post your post to public not only to your private friends but to everyone so yeah then you can try a live in live peak so that's the feature of the app so just you decide what you want to check out but i think these are the two top widgets at this moment which you can try out uh there are other apps like noted noted apps are a bunch of apps in that category there is app called widget file in that category uh and like snap widget a bunch of other apps which you can also try out but i think these two other top ones and maybe noted widget but that that's that where you can only add drawings so thank you for watching hope this was helpful please like this video so more people can enjoy

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