Locket widget - PHONE NUMBER NOT ACCEPTED error - what to do?

so here is one of the common issues in locket widget app right now which is really confusing for many users phone number is not accepted here is maybe it will be helpful some official response from the developer team apologies that you're having difficulties make sure the country code at the start of your phone number is correct for example if you live in the us it would be plus one in the case this doesn't fix it this is an issue we're currently working on and how hope to have fixed soon we hope this helps so there is an issue your phone number is not accepted that's one issue just make sure the country code is correct because the default country code is plus one so if you from us it should be plus one if you from other country it shouldn't be like that it can be plus 44 for example if you're from uk or plus 45 if you're from denmark etc so make sure that's that and another issue is that um [Music] for a lot of people just verification code doesn't arrive and for majority of people it works and they can create an account for for a lot of people the verification sms doesn't arrive this is an issue it's a known issue and locate widget team is working on that but the codes just doesn't arrive for some numbers i don't know which numbers are that yeah but just for some category of numbers it doesn't work so they just write here to to to wait and to keep updating the app alternatively you can try other apps like live in locket widget it's you can create an account there you can create use widget pal or some other apps alternatively if you still really like rocket widget and your old friends have locket widget and you want to try it out and your phone number is not accepted for a while you can use some of these apps like text now you can create an account there and then maybe you nee need to upgrade like it can be like few bucks a year and then you can create some of your number and lock your number and use it to sign up maybe that will work but there is no guarantee is that it will work so try out apps like text now or text plus like like second phone number apps and try to create an account like that but then you won't be able to i don't know maybe it will work out maybe you won't be able to add many contacts but at least hope that is helpful

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