here is updated locate widget app which was just released version 1.8.1 so just download it and this in this version it's uh there are a lot of new features for example it's not easy to change your name update your phone number finally and deactivate your account you can now add special videos for your best friend and significant other so they can have their own spot so yeah it's a bit of a design of the locket widget app so you can just tap to open it up like here and let's just go through it quickly to you for you to understand so here is normal locate widget app so you can just take a photo and then you can just send it to your friends and then this widget will just appear uh here on your home screen so to add a widget just tap and hold and then you will see apps jiggling and then you can just search for widget like locket you can see one friend uh there is best friend widget there is crash widget there is big widget so these are updates and then you can just add this widget as i did and you can tap on edit and then you will be able to pick a friend and select from either groups or some specific person or from some travels or from some other groups and something like that and then you will be able to use that and you will see pictures either from one of your specific friends from groups of people which you can create or there is a new feature where again you can add a crash widget or your best friend widget so for example just search for lockheed and then i can add past friend it's a separate widget and then i can tap and edit widget and pick one specific friend so i don't know what's the feature but yeah you can just add one specific widget for your friend and then you can also add a crash widget and like that and that's that will be widget from your crash so just to see yeah how it works so that's basically the idea um yeah so that's how it's working that's a new update then okay let's go through the locket app itself and you will see some cool new features in the menu in the top left right there is your menu and first you can just tap edit info and by doing that you can edit your name so that's a lot of users asked that feature before it wasn't possible to edit your name you needed to add your name on the iphone and stuff like that and then uh you can just do that you can also tap change change phone number uh here uh yeah just easily in general setting you can just tap to change phone number um then there is like a try new features early form which you can fill in and then you will try out new features and you will get invited to the test flight uh you can also easily delete account uh here or you can sign out in the yeah in the there so that's basically the idea and then in top left you can create all these different lockets these are basically um your groups of people which you can create so you can add up to 20 contacts and from those 20 contacts there can be your best friend your crush your friends your colleagues your travel colleagues and then you just organize them and all these different groups and you can create separate widgets for all of these groups of people so that's a call to create a new locket here there is some bug so i can i just want to add it and then it requires me to add it from here that the widget should be exactly on my home screen not on some other screens so that's a bit annoying and then it's there are still some bugs maybe because i'm using test flight version so yeah if you want to get some new features early in the in the locket widget uh you need to fill out that form in the settings and then uh yeah try new features early fill it out just leave your tick-tock handle create few tick-tock videos about lock-it widget and then you will get access to test flight where they release a new features quite often so like overall locket widget was just developed by a single developer a small team but as i understand recently they raised quite a big funding round so probably they will grow their development team and i will add more and more new features so probably this app will be updated more constantly and with more exciting features soon anyhow uh that's what it is and then yeah you have all these official links you can share your videos about lock and untag them you can share feedback get help officially um yeah probably this team has some bigger support team or stuff like that so yeah that's that hope it is helpful

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